Charta Roma augmented reality

combines the pleasure of a paper map with the emotion of digital technology

What it is

Augmented reality

The paper map is, still today, the most used tool by tourists to orient themselves in the visit of the city and choose the places of interest. The Carta Roma AR map is simply its evolution. It combines the pleasure and convenience of paper with digital technology in a single tool. What is augmented reality?

Augmented Reality is the mobile technology that combines physical reality with virtual reality. This innovation allows you to 'trace' a printed image and add 3D digital content in real time, promotional videos and documents.
By framing one of the points of interest marked on the map via Smartphone or tablet, it comes to life through the 3D reproduction of a monument or event enriched by multilingual audio guides, videos, images, tourist routes and immediate interaction with the web in order to have information and insights on monuments and places of interest.

Charta Roma

Charta Roma

Charta Roma, the official map of the Municipality of Rome, A&C communication's flagship product, has been accompanying tourists from all over the world for years; produced and distributed in millions of copies it is, to date, the ideal tool for all those who venture to discover the Eternal City.

Over the years it has undergone major improvements aimed at improving the experience and making it easier to read so as to facilitate its use. With these objectives, A&C Comunicazione, always attentive to technological developments, has created a new product that combines the pleasure of a paper map with the emotion of digital technology; Charta Roma AR in augmented reality is born

How it works

3D model, audio guide, video and countless additional possibilities

Download the App

Download the free Charta Roma app, available for the App Store and Google Play Store.
The app does not require an active internet connection to work

Experience augmented reality

Increase the reality around you thanks to a 3D model; listen to the details of the monument in the multilingual audio guide as well as having access to countless additional possibilities


Use your Smartphone to frame the point of your interest marked with the appropriate symbol in order to activate the augmented reality display

Countless additional possibilities

3D model of a monument or event enriched with multilingual audio guides, videos, images, tourist routes and immediate interaction with the web.

Watch the video

The operation and tools of Charta Roma AR
in augmented reality

What it offers

Countless possibilities, from 3D models to videos

3D model of a monument

By framing one of the monuments indicated by the AR + symbol on the map, an animated 3D model will be displayed, a faithful three-dimensional reproduction of the monument that will allow you to experience it as if it were real.

Multilingual audio guide

In addition to the 3D view, it is possible to take advantage of an audio guide that is activated automatically by framing the monument on the map. Currently in Italian and English, forthcoming Spanish, German and Chinese.

Introductory video

By clicking on the 3D animation, if provided, an explanatory emotional video of the framed subject or an informative video on tourist activities or events will be played.


If provided, clicking on the 3D animation is possible show several images of the framed subject.

Tourist routes

Augmented reality can also be applied to the tourist routes shown on the map and recommended to optimize visiting times in the city. By framing the recommended route, information about the route and attractions along it will be displayed.

Interaction with web and social networks

An essential function of Augmented Reality is its total interaction with the web and the most used social networks. In the AR display the keys for direct connection to the site or to the members of the framed subject will always be highlighted in 3D.



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