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A & C Advertising & Communication is a company specialised in tourism business and leisure marketing and communication activities. On the strength of its many dealings with private companies, institutions and international organisations over the years, the company can deploy its professional skills base in various fields. It can therefore generate customer loyalty within the ambits of supply and demand in the incoming tourism marketplace.

Publishing house

In 1995, A&C devised and designed the new map of Rome, “Charta Roma”. The map provides a “bird’s eye view” of the city. The volumes of the palaces and monuments are three-dimensionally represented. In 1998, “Charta Roma” became the official map of the municipality (Comune di Roma). Millions of copies were produced and distributed every year. The project then led to a series of publications, known as “Charta”, with the focus on various sites in Rome (villas, parks, archaeological excavations, monuments etc.).

In 2008, the “Charta Roma” map was translated into Arabic, and it debuted at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai.

For the 2009 World Aquatics Championships, the “Collana Charta” (Charta series) map was modified to include the Foro Italico area and the urban district, quartiere Flaminio. Later, thanks to collaboration with the Comune di Roma, other publications (“Charta Ostia” and “Charta Ostia Antica”) joined the series.

Special editions of “Charta Roma” in various languages were distributed via the network of tourism sector businesses, including travel agencies and tour operators specialising in various market segments (school trips, religious tourism, cruises, wining and dining, cultural tourism). We produce customized versions of “Charta Roma” for hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation homes etc.

The publishing house, A&C Comunicazione, showcases its “Charta Roma” publishing projects at the major business tourism trade fairs in Italy and abroad.

Charta Roma publications are used as official publications by the Comune di Roma for its tourist outreach activities. The publications are sold by Comune di Roma’s institutional circuit of tourist information points (PIT, or Punti di Informazioni Turistiche).

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