At this point, we find ourselves under the imposing presence of the Colosseum, ancestor of all modern stadiums; 50,000 people sat there with special adaptations and it could host 70,000 standing people.

188 meters long and slightly elliptical, it had a technical feature that no other arena of similar magnitude has ever had: it could be entirely protected from the sun or from rain by a giant s c o v e l a r i o . When entering, you can see the arena, or rather its bowels as the floor has been removed to show the complex underground structures. All around there is the skeleton of the immense public area, namely the c a v e a . But the best view is from the upper levels, in particular from the ‘third order’ of the arches, with a vision inside the monument and an overview on the city’s skyline. We talk about the b e l v e d e r e and the terrace at the foot of the attic, the highest ring of the Anfiteatro Flavio, the one on the side of Colle Oppio, which is 53 meters tall.

As long as there Coliseum, Rome exist; when you fall the Colosseum, Rome will also fall; but when Rome falls, even the world will fall”


Piazza del Colosseo

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